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Well qualified trained and committed staff members teach in a student-friendly environment and strive hard for the all-round development of the students. Staff members are enthusiastic, patient and bring out the best in the children. Well versed, professional Music teachers are appointed to train the students in Vocal, Keyboard and Tabala classes. The School is proud to have its own renowned band “Bansuri” Who trains under the guidance of the retired serviceman from police band.


Particulars of Teaching Staff
Sl.No Name Date of appointment Designation Qualification
1 Dr. C. B . Patil 12-7-2018 Principal M.Sc, B.Ed, Ph.D
2 Mrs. Sangeeta M. Melgiri 06-01-05 TGT M.Sc, B.Ed
3 Mrs.Madhavi Mutalik 06-01-14 TGT B.A,B.Ed
4 Mrs.Meenakshi.R.Undi 06-01-14 TGT M.Sc, B.Ed
5 Mr..Manjunath B Barker 15/06/2015 TGT M.Phil,MA,M.Ed
6 Mrs.Geeta K. Malak. 06-11-07 TGT M.A,B.Ed
7 Ms.Stannia S. DMello 28/05/2008 TGT B.A,B.Ed
8 Mrs. Nelsi A. Fernandes 06-01-06 PRT M.A,B.Ed
9 Mr.Sridhar T. Bullannavar 14/07/2008 PRT PUC,D.Ed
10 Mrs.Kadambari  M Chakrasali 05-03-12 PRT M.A,B.Ed
11 Mrs. Saroja.G.Toraskar 06-01-10 PRT PUC,D.Ed
12 Mrs.Deepa Kakanekar 14/05/2012 PRT PUC, D.Ed
13 Mrs.Merita S. Fernandes 11-01-12 PRT PUC, D.Ed
14 Mrs.Shobha C.Chavan 24/05/2013 PRT B.Sc, B.Ed
15 Mrs.Shyamala 06-01-14 TGT M.Sc, B.Ed
16 Mrs.Chaitravati M. N 06-08-17 PRT B.Sc, B.Ed
17 Mrs. Sheetal P Gawde 06-04-18 TGT M.A, B.Ed
18 Mrs.Veena Gawde 06-07-18 TGT MSc, B.Ed
19 Ms. Nazaneen J Khan 06-04-18 PRT P.U.C,D.Ed
20 Mr. Jyothiba Kumbar 04-01-16 PRT B.Sc, B.Ed
21 Mr. Anand M Patil 09-05-17 PRT BCA
22 Mr.Aijayya J Baila 06-01-17 PRT
Diploma in Computer Science.
23 Mr. Niranjan K Rao 08-01-09 Librarian B.A (in Journalism)    B.L. I.Sc, M.L.I.Sc
24 Mr. Parashuram R Badiger 06-10-13 Drawing Teacher Diploma in Art.
25 Mrs. Shruthi R Gaonkar 29/05/2011 NTT PUC, NTT
26 Mrs. Rama R Dange 14/05/2012 NTT PUC, NTT
27 Mrs. Nagaratna M Itagi 12-01-12 NTT BA, B.Ed
28 Mr. D. G. Kuriyavar 06-01-07 PTI B.A,C.PEd
29 Ms. Pratima D. Naik 12-12-11 PTI B.A,B.PEd
30 Mrs. Suma Hegde Performing arts (Part time)
31 Mrs. Geetha Hegde Performing arts (Part time)
32 Mr.Umesh Krishna Gouda Performing arts (Part time)
33 Mr.Manjunath Hegde Performing arts (Part time)
Particulars of  Non -Teaching Staff
Sl.No Name Date of appointment Designation Qualification
1 Mr.Prasanna D Naik 01-06-2005 UDC M.Com
2 Smt. Baby Papabattini 10-01-06 Aaya PUC,NTC
3 Mr. Maruti G Kakol 05-10-08 Attender SSLC
4 Smt.Nirmala  Chalawadi 06-01-08 Aaya
5 Drakshayani Korawar 15/06/2007 Aaya
6 Mr.Basavaraj Chalawadi 01-06-08  Watchman

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